You Can Vote for Al!

Today, I’m not grumpy!  I’m actually happy following an uplifting Democratic National Convention and because I am unveiling to you my new campaign song, “You Can Vote for Al.”  It’s catchy isn’t it?  And it really tells the story of my decision to run for office.

Here is the video.  Enjoy!

Here are the lyrics.

You Can Vote for Al

Al walks down the street

He says, how can I make things better

How can I make things better when

Everything is so screwed up

I could run for office

Give us a shot at redemption

Give us the change  we need

To keep us out of the graveyard

Oh, yeah —  dogs are in office

They’ve never done anything for us

Send ‘em home, home

Get these mutts away from us 

You know we don’t find this stuff amusing anymore


If you vote for Griffiths 

He can make the change we need

You can make a difference

When you cast your vote now you can vote for Al

Al walks down the street

He says, send me to Tallahassee

Send me to Tallahassee 

And I will make things right

You can make a difference

You can make your vote count

We need you to get involved so you

help us turn Florida Blue, Blue

Let’s get to Tallahassee

Make the changes and set things right

But we need you, you

You got’ta vote in November

You can help us when we throw all the bums out