I’m Grumpy with this Administration’s Blatant Deflection and Deception

The Trump campaign – lagging significantly in the polls –  is barreling into the eight-week stretch home trying to win back “wobbly Republicans” with a full blast of deflection and deception.  They are riding on the hopes that a small slice of undecided Republicans will come to the conclusion “You’re not as bad as we thought.”


First the deflection.  They need to refocus voter’s minds away from the Covid-19 deaths, double-digit unemployment and racial discrimination.  Instead, they are pivoting at neck-breaking speed toward criminals rampaging from the cities into the white suburbs supported by  a Democratic ticket that will lead us quickly into socialism and ruin.


Then the deception – Trump and his lackeys insist we have moved past the pandemic and the economy is rapidly recovering. They say his horrible handling of the pandemic was a strategy all along — letting people get sick and die so we can move to herd immunity.  He claims that 99 percent of infections are “totally harmless.”  And, he retweets a claim that a CDC report showed that 94 percent of those identified as dying from Covid-19, actually died of other conditions.  What the report actually showed was that in most cases, Covid-19 killed people who were living with other conditions.


There’s an old saying that one death is a tragedy and a million deaths is a statistic.  Trump would much rather focus on several deaths during violent encounters in Portland, Ore., or Kenosha, Wis., than the thousands of daily coronavirus deaths that are happening in those  and other states.  He thinks one helps him politically and the other doesn’t.  So, if everyone catches the virus, so be it—you won’t hear anything from the Donald.


That’s just wrong.  Literally, dead wrong.  We have to do whatever it takes in the next two months to rid our nation of Donald Trump and the Republican senators who have provided cover for him.  Make you plan to vote now.  Elect me and other Democrats who will take this country in a new, positive direction.  One that knows and understands America and works for us all.