Remembering those we care about during the corona virus pandemic and those loved ones we lost.  We will never forget.
It did not have to be like this…


♥ Concerned about the Kim and Sue Lorimier Family.

Loving thoughts are sent to former DEC Chair Kim Lorimier and her family–Sue, Abby and Anne–as they social distance to protect their lives.  Please wear a mask Indian River County so our most vulnerable can stay safe.

— Adriana de Kanter


♥ Remembering Lucy Warren who passed.

You may have passed on, but your memories will always live on within us. Thank you for your sacrifices, your care and concern, your love and everything that you have done for us. We know you are in a much better place. We will be forever grateful and thankful that you are our Mima.  Memorial donations in Lucy’s name can be sent to the VNA.

—  Kristy Poalckwich


♥ Remembering Bill and Marlene Whitaker who passed.

We lost both of my grandparents to COVID-19 in 2 weeks.
My grandfather passed in the ICU on July 26, before we could say good- bye.
My mother has now lost both her parents.
Because of the virus, they died alone and without family present in St.Lucie Medical Center. We could not be with them. A nurse held the phone to my grandmother’s ear and we said our good -byes to her over the phone on the morning of August 4th, which was my birthday. She passed away that afternoon.
There are no words to describe this loss and the way that it happened.
It didn’t have to be this way.
It should have never been this way.
Like so many others, they are the vulnerable and innocent victims of this virus.
My grandfather was a Navy vet and a mechanic.
My grandmother was a secretary for many years.
She loved to read and rescue cats. She adopted many cats throughout her life.
My family now is caring for her cat Cali, adopted from the St. Lucie Humane Society 12 years ago.
They loved to travel in their RV across America.
They were good, kind, and decent people that loved our country and were always kind to others.
We love you both.
We will miss you terribly.
You are in our hearts forever.

Prayers for the sick and suffering and to all those mourning the loss of their loved ones.
We feel your pain and loss, and you are not alone.

— Kathleen Lott


♥  Remembering Ernest Leach who passed.

My brother-in-law for 43 years passed alone in his car in Fort Lauderdale. We don’t know why as of yet but he was fighting cancer alone, without our family support due to COVID-19. He was funny, good for a political argument or 2 and left behind 2 grieving adult children and 2 grandchildren. My heart hurts for all who have lost anyone close due to this pandemic.


— Donna Lillard


♥ Remembering Mother Nola Mae Young Wilson who passed.

Nola was taken from us by Covid19 on August 14, 2020. Nola’s daughter, Vicki died of Covid19 two days later. Nola’s son Maurice, was in the hospital with Covid 19 when his mother and sister passed, and he has since passed away – also a victim of the virus. God bless their Family! Nola was a member of the Democratic Women’s Club of Indian River, and long-time friend of DWC members Valerie Brant-Wilson, Lillie Holt, Don Delora Reagan, and Venda Burgess. May her spirit rest in peace with her children.

— Sharon Kolor