An Axis of Obstruction has traumatized Washington, D.C.  They have created an environment as odorous and stagnant as any swamp

The Axis: Trump. Barr. McConnell.

President Trump: Perpetrator of crimes, master of obstruction. He refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Congressional oversight, as mandated by the Constitution. Trump has ordered that no document be released, no witnesses testify and no personal financial records see the light of day, including tax returns. He was elected with the help of foreign actors in 2016, and has would gladly accept their help in 2020.
Attorney General William Barr: Keeper of the Mueller report. “This is my baby now” he told the House Judiciary Committee. He lied to the country about the report’s conclusions and has withheld the report’s redactions and underlying evidence where the truth lies. He is disinterested in protecting the nation from foreign intervention meant to destabilize our democracy.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “The Grim Reaper” who lords over the “graveyard” of legislation passed by the Democrats on the House of Representatives that would benefit working families. “Cased closed” he says of the investigations into the 2016 elections, and will not consider any legislation that would limit foreign influence. He is a shameless egomaniac, obsessed with power that he uses for malevolent purposes.

These are the three most powerful and dangerous men in Washington. They routinely violate their oath of office, ignore constitutional norms and undermine the very institutions that are the underpinning of democracy.  The damage done may last for years to come.

To rid us of this malignancy, we must put our faith in the courts, stalwart Democratic leaders in the House, our intelligence agencies and, ultimately, the voters.

Join Us.  Be Part of the Solution.


— Richard Leonard, Communications Committee