Nicole Haagenson is a combination of all the best traits and attributes you would want to see in a government official—she has a higher education, graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration.  She has computer technology skills learned as a trade in the Air Force. She was a defense contractor for almost a decade and managed millions of dollars in government contracts.  She is a program manager who seeks solutions to complex problems every day.

For all of these reasons, Nicole Haagenson should become our next representative in Tallahassee.

But, I also want to share with you what I have observed as I have gotten to know Nicole over the last year. I have observed Nicole’s even temperament and strong work ethic.  I believe these traits stem from her eight-year Air Force service when she learned how to put her knowledge into practice, while working under pressure.

I have observed the same steady focus in her family life.  As a mother of five children, Nicole stays on an even keel while facing complicated situations.  And I have never seen a work ethic like Ms. Haagenson’s.  She pushes herself while motivating others.  She actually lives her campaign motto, “Service before Self,” as a life-guiding principle.

Our world grows more and more complex every day.  We need selfless problem solvers to represent our best interests on health care, the environment, education, community safety, and home rule.

Your vote is very important and Nicole Haagenson is the candidate to elect!

–Josie Lieberman