Biden for President Featured in Faith News

Last week, Biden for President was featured in multiple stories on the campaign’s faith engagement and outreach efforts. National Catholic Reporter published two columns highlighting Joe Biden’s character and values, including one from Patrick Carolan on the importance of character to Catholic voters, and another from Mark Kennedy Shriver, who detailed his personal relationship with Joe, and why now more than ever, America needs a leader who cares for all. Earlier in the week, more than 50 Latino faith leaders announced their endorsement of Joe Biden for President of the United States. Following the endorsements, Creyentes con Biden was featured in an article for Religion News Service, detailing the campaign’s Latino faith engagement efforts.

With just 36 days to go, Believers for Biden is making the case that this election is about both restoring and redeeming the soul of the nation, and that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the clear moral choice in this election.

See below for coverage excerpts:

National Catholic Reporter: Character counts for Catholic voters
[Patrick Carolan, 9/23/20]

I have a friend who supported Trump in 2016. I recently asked her who she was voting for in 2020. To my surprise, she said Biden. When I asked her why, her response was that she had watched the Democratic National Convention, in particular the segment when Biden was with the young boy who has a stuttering problem, and was moved by how compassionate and genuine Biden was. She then put that image next to the one of Trump making fun of a disabled reporter at one of his rallies.

She said it became very clear which of the candidates is a better image of Christ.

EFE News: Más de 50 líderes religiosos latinos apoyan candidatura del demócrata Biden
[EFE News, 9/23/20]

Más de 50 líderes religiosos latinos en Estados Unidos han expresado su apoyo a la candidatura presidencial de Joe Biden afirmando que el voto por el demócrata es una opción para quienes eligen vivir de acuerdo “con los principios que Jesús nos enseña”.

El mensaje lo encabezó el grupo ecuménico Faith2020, que dice representar “una coalición de denominaciones eclesiásticas increíblemente diversa, organizaciones de desarrollo comunitario, servicios sociales y grupos de defensa”.

“Como inmigrante criada en Estados Unidos durante 34 años, la votación es importante”, afirmó Tatianna Torres de Faith2020. “Soy una mujer hispana de fe evangélica. Este momento es muy importante para mí”.

Religion News Service: Biden pins his argument to Latino believers on Trump’s morals
[Alejandra Molina, 9/24/20]

Creyentes con Biden is focusing on the idea of “loving your neighbors” and being “your brother’s keeper.” The group is juxtaposing itself against Trump’s family separation policies at the border and the dehumanizing language it says he’s used when talking about Latinos and immigrants.

The group plans to spotlight Latino Catholic and evangelical voices through virtual events it will be hosting every two weeks. Weekly bilingual phone banks are in the works.

Creyentes con Biden launched their first virtual event just days before more than 50 Latino faith leaders on Monday (Sept. 21) publicly endorsed Biden. The faith leaders represent a range of denominations and include the Rev. Elizabeth Rios, the Rev. Salvador Orellana, Pastor Arturo Vargas and Lydia Pena. The endorsement was posted on the Medium platform by Faith 2020, an external group of faith leaders organizing in support of the Biden-Harris campaign.

National Catholic Reporter: Commentary: Now more than ever, America needs a leader who cares for all of us
[Mark Kennedy Shriver, 9/24/20]

A year ago, at a large political event, I quickly introduced Biden to my friends Alina and Bob and their adult son, Teddy, who has developmental disabilities. Biden focused on Teddy for five minutes; he didn’t seem to notice the other people in the room clamoring for a handshake and a selfie.

Later, a Biden staffer asked me for Teddy’s parents’ phone number.

At around 11 o’clock that night, Bob called me and said, “Vice President Biden just called Alina and me and congratulated us on Teddy. He told us how proud he was to meet us all.”

His voice cracking, he asked, “Did you ask him to do that?”

“I didn’t. He did it on his own.”

Now more than ever, America needs a good and decent leader who cares for the least of our brothers and sisters, who cares for all of us — Republicans, Democrats, independents and everyone in between.

This is who Joe Biden is. He will lead us all as we journey, together, to restore the soul of our nation.