Val Zudans Wasting Our Taxpayers Dollars on Activities Not Directly Affecting Our City

The Mayor of Vero Beach used his official letterhead to write a letter to the people of San Francisco arguing with their stand that the NRA is a domestic terrorist organization.  He sent this letter out from his personal email account.  Setting aside conducting official business on behalf of the people of Vero Beach without the input of other City Council members and on his own email account rather than his COVB email account, why is our mayor wasting the city council’s precious meeting time on endorsing the NRA in response to policy decisions made in San Francisco?

In response to Zudans’ letter, the San Francisco Examiner published a response to the mayor.  Stuart Schuffman ended his guest editorial saying,

In closing, I’d like to thank you for being the most absurd Florida Man yet.

Now, Mayor Zudans wants to pass a proclamation having Vero Beach endorse the NRA: doc20190912083203  The final clause of the proclamation reads:  “The City Council of the City of Vero Beach, Florida does hereby proclaim the National Rifle Association an extraordinary defender of Americans’ Constitutional Civil Rights.”

If these views are not representative of your own, please attend Tuesday’s City Council meeting (Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 3 pm at City Hall).