Blue Wave Continues:  Margaret Good Wins Special Election in House District 72

SARASOTA, FL – Democrat Margaret Good won Tuesday’s Special Election for House District 72. Good’s campaign was a win for our schools, our small businesses and our environment. As a member of the legislature, she will be an advocate for increased access to health care, an end to corporate welfare, and expanded opportunities for every single person in Sarasota.

“I want to thank everyone who supported this campaign. It would not have been possible without the thousands of individuals, who like me, have had enough of the divisiness that permeates Tallahassee and gave of their time, money and talent. This election is over. With the legislative session nearing its end, I understand the clear mandate provided by voters tonight to bring Sarasota values to Tallahassee starting tomorrow,” said Good.

There are education bills active in committee, a budget that has yet to be agreed upon, and thousands of us who want our community move forward. During her positive campaign, Good outlined a clear vision to prevent offshore oil drilling, invest in small businesses rather than large corporations who can afford lobbyists, and and ensure that no one is denied health care based on pre-existing conditions.

“The voters have spoken. People in District 72 want leaders who listen and act boldly to better our community. I will be accessible, transparent, and fully committed to this community that has provided me and my family so much. I am honored to serve and will work every day for every one of us,” Good concluded.