To save our democracy, we must stop passage of voter-suppression laws

President Biden asked the country, “Can our democracy survive?” Each passing day, the question is more relevant than the day before. There are over 43 states that have filed or passed voter-suppression laws, including Florida with SB 90. The “big lie” prompted this nationwide trend — that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

If I were to write an open letter to Trump, I would immediately inform him that his firing was not personal. He often says, “it was business” when he fired one of the contestants on the Apprentice. Americans from all walks of life chose to fire him because of his incompetence and failure to carry out the mandates of the office of the presidency. Seven million more people voted for Biden than for Trump. America had the greatest turnout of voters in the nation’s history, making Joseph Biden the legitimate 46th president of the United States of America.

If our democracy survives, we must reject these voter suppression laws by registering to vote, then voting; if we must stand in line to overcome, we will stand in line. We must show these Republican-controlled legislatures that we will continue to fill out our ballots accurately. We will mail our ballots or drop them off. And, our college students who came home to vote must continue to do so. We have too much to lose. Our constitutional rights are being attacked before our very eyes, the right to assembly and protest peacefully. That is why we, the people, must demand our congressional representatives to pass S.B.1, For the People Act, and the John Lewis Advanced Voting Act. If our democracy survives, we must pass the George Floyd Police Reform Act. Our nation can’t afford another civil war. It is not personal. It is survival.