Rep. Posey refuses to speak out against Trump’s bigoted statements

For perceived political gain, President Trump has launched an unabashedly blatant campaign of bigoted and racist statements toward members of the House of Representatives because they disagree with him.

We know he has no shame, but where is Rep. Bill Posey’s shame ?

As usual, when it comes to doing anything that takes political courage and really standing up for our founding principles, Posey cowardly stands silent. Who does he fear, that he chooses not to risk speaking out against the classic bigotry of telling Americans to “go back where they come from?” It could only be either that he fears losing the votes of that part of his base in 2020, which is hardly likely, or — unbelievable as it may seem — that he actually agrees with the president.

By his silence, Posey has made himself a willing enabler and endorser of the kind of bigotry for which, if it came out of a child’s mouth, we would punish him.

For shame, Rep. Posey, if you have any.

Fred Grumman, Vero Beach