Patel, Haagenson, and School Board Candidates Listen to Vero Beach Residents’ Concerns

On Thursday, May 10th, 2018, residents from Indian River County came to share their top concerns and issues with Sanjay Patel, candidate for U.S. Congressional District 8, in a focus group setting.   The top issues that Indian River County residents raised were:

  • Gun Control
  • Education
  • the Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Social Security/Equality issues (tied for 6th place).

Candidate Nicole Haagenson running for Florida House Seat District 54 was there, as well.  Three candidates running for the Indian River County School Board also attended:  Mara Schiff, District 1; Merchon Green, District 2; and, Stacey Klim, District 4.

The Democrats of Indian River salute Sanjay Patel and the other candidates for attending and listening to their potential constituents.  We believe in reaching out to the community and hearing what they have to say on how to improve the quality of life for working families and seniors in Indian River County, Florida, and the United States.

Join us.  Be part of the solution.