Democrats Stand for the Principles that Truly Make America Great

Treasure Coast Newspapers  Published 4:00 a.m. ET Nov. 14, 2018

Having read the Nov. 3 letters from Bob Nittinger and Margaret Decker, I find it necessary to respond as a registered Democrat.

First, the Democratic Party does not believe in vandalism, rioting, or breaking the law. The acts of which Nittinger speaks, of people wearing ski masks and destroying property, starting fires, etc. are the acts of a group known as Antifascist Action, a.k.a. Antifa. They have nothing to do with the Democratic Party. While some people harass others or shout down speakers, these acts are not endorsed or encouraged by the Democratic Party. We (Democrats) fully believe in free speech and free expression, and we believe in peaceful means of speaking out.

As far as health care is concerned, Democrats believe that quality health care should be available to everyone. Health care is not some luxury or bauble, it is a necessity, especially today. That is why Democrats have supported and worked for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

The Democratic Party stands and acts for true liberty and justice for all: the things that truly make America great.

Yours from an American and a Democrat,

–Stephen Sczurek, Vero Beach