The stage is being set for invading Iran

 I’m reminded of the Edwin Starr song, “War” — what is it good for?” Our government lied to us regarding the Vietnam War and the spread of communism sweeping Southeast Asia. It’s ironic that Vietnam is now building retirement homes for Americans and Vietnam is one of our largest trading partners.

The government lied to us regarding the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction and they have been lying to us regarding Afghanistan. Various reporting indicates that while we have been in Afghanistan for 18 years the generals have been lying about the progress, or more appropriately the lack of progress, we have made. Now, the stage is being set for invading Iran under the guise of Iran supporting terrorism.

Our president made the decision to assassinate an Iranian general. After years of trashing our American intelligence services, he now says we had actionable intelligence supporting that posture. He made the decision at his southern White House, surrounded by war hawks bent on invading Iran. The reporting indicated that Trump was presented with options but chose the most extreme one, which by the way is a war crime. As of yet, the government officials have not presented that intelligence.

Iran is going full bore on development of nuclear weapons. Iraq has voted to remove all American troops from their country. We have a president with a failed foreign policy who has threatened to bomb Iran’s cultural sites. Another war crime. Our president knows little or nothing about the Middle East, has alienated our allies and has recently been impeached. Could this be just another “distraction” to have people not talking about his impeachment?

Contrary to what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says, we are less safe than we were before.

The answer to the song’s question is “absolutely nothing.”


–George Connelly, Vero Beach