President Joe Biden is laser focused on lowering costs for hardworking Americans and recently announced the launched of a Strike Force on Unfair and Illegal Pricing. The Strike Force will work to strengthen efforts to root out and stop illegal corporate behavior that hikes prices on American families through anti-competitive, unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent business practices. Not only will this help everyday Americans by taking action to end corporate rip-offs and other unfair practices that keep prices high, it is also incredibly popular!

President Biden knows that from Pensacola to the Keys, Floridians work hard and they deserve to know that they will have the breathing room they need to pay the bills and provide a better life for themselves and their families. By cracking down on corporations price-gouging consumers, eliminating junk fees that pad corporate bottom lines but drain out bank accounts, taking on Big Pharma to reduce the cost of our prescriptions, and canceling student loan debt for millions of Americans, President Biden is putting workers and seniors first to cut costs for all of us. That’s how we grow the economy from the middle-out, not through the failed trickle-down policies Republicans have been pushing for decades that only benefit the wealthy and well-connected.