Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editors

Recommendations for letter writing

While no longer a pen to paper exercise, filling out a newspaper’s online Letter to the Editor form can bring your opinions to life! The Communications Committee of the Democrats of Indian River County recommends:

  1. Write a letter that is consistent with the issue areas found in Florida’s Democratic Platform. These issues are education, jobs, healthcare, women and families, civil rights, voting rights, protecting our land and water, immigration, and accountability in government.
  2. Be brief and to the point. Many publications have length restrictions (for example a 300 word maximum) and may edit to shorten your letter.
  3. Add a title that clearly states the subject of your letter. It may be used as the headline.
  4. In addition to a title for the letter, you will need to provide your full name, address and phone number, and email address if you have one. Other than your name and city, this information is not published.
  5. When using an on-line letter-to-the-editor form, you may want to compose your letter first, then cut and paste it into the form.


Here are the two major news outlets in Indian River County with on-line forms:


Hometown News





You may also email:


Vero News.com


Vero Beach 32963



Take the time to raise your voice. We’re counting on you!