Democratic Club of Indian River

Are you ready to join the DCIR?

What is the new Democratic Club of Indian River all about?

The newly formed Democratic Club is an organization of registered Democrats including those who have volunteered in the past or worked in other capacities to support Democratic initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to join together to organize, work, strategize and develop a plan to WIN in 2020.  We will also be adding the element of fun and camaraderie to our hard work.  We ask that you come to “be part of the solution.”  We need you as a member, we need you as a volunteer, we need you to come and work on what interests you.  Work with a group, work on a committee, or work in pairs.  We need your ideas, energy,and enthusiasm so that we may:

  • Organize special events and community outreach.
  • Position Democrats of IRC booths at public events and forums to increase Democratic visibility.
  • Sponsor Dining with the Dems.
  • Hold pot luck suppers.
  • Form legislative and educational watch groups
  • Monitor local municipal governmental meetings.
  • Hold local and state government officials accountable.
  • Plan socials, seminars, and speakers’ forums.
  • Train members to canvass, phone bank, and register voters and use VAN effectively.
  • Build a presence in our communities.

And, while doing all of this, have some downtime and fun. We are only limited by our imaginations.

Come join us on the second Tuesday of every month from 6 to 8 pm at the Irish-American Society, 1314 20th St., Vero Beach.

Claudia Martino, President

Newly-elected officers of the Democrats of Indian River Club are:

  • Claudia Martino-president

  • Jacqueline Warrior-vice president

  • Karen Adelman-secretary

  • Nancy Griffiths-treasurer

  • Ian Moore-board member at large

  • Diego Palaez-board member at large

  • Steve Osiecki-board member at large

  • Valerie Daly-board member at large