Last week, Senator Mitch McConnell announced his intention to retire as leader of the Senate Republicans in November — sparking speculation that Rick Scott may run to replace him. In addition, Rick Scott voted last Thursday against a continuing resolution that prevented a government shutdown.

The stakes in Florida’s U.S. Senate race have never been higher. Florida was already ground zero in the fight for the Senate majority, but now the November elections could also decide the next Senate Majority Leader. Rick Scott’s personal ambition could open the next front in the ongoing Republican civil war and a Senate under Rick Scott’s leadership would be a nightmare for Americans everywhere — he’s made no secret of his desire to sunset Social Security and Medicare and take away reproductive rights nationwide. 

With Mitch McConnell retiring this year, the last thing Americans can afford is another extremist holding the gavel — which is why it’s so important for Florida to elect a Democrat this fall and send Rick Scott into retirement.

We hope you will join us at as we work tirelessly to send Rick into retirement and save us all from the future he wants to create.