Monday’s Supreme Court ruling in Trump v. United States is deeply concerning and sets a dangerous precedent. Conservative justices, appointed in part by Donald Trump, have eliminated a crucial safeguard as Trump continues towards authoritarian rule. This ruling facilitates Trump’s stated ambitions to rule as a dictator from “day one,” dismantle constitutional protections, replace nonpartisan government officials with loyalists, and misuse governmental authority against both citizens and political opponents. While the stakes were already significant before this week’s decision, they are are now even higher, posing a direct threat to American democracy.

Our nation needs leadership committed to defending democracy and the rule of law. The American people deserve a president who prioritizes their interests and upholds constitutional norms, rather than one who considers himself above legal constraints. Voters must reject Trump’s bid for reelection and instead support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November. This year’s election is a critical opportunity to prevent Trump’s self-serving agenda from further eroding democratic principles.