July 13, 2020
For Immediate Release
Contact: Karla Alvarado, kalvarado@floridadems.org

FLORIDA– Today, the Florida Democratic Party announced over 1 million Democrats have enrolled or renewed their vote by mail enrollment since the March 17th Presidential Preference Primary.

Additionally, Florida Democrats now hold a 423,379 voter vote-by-mail enrollment advantage over the Florida GOP. Two weeks ago, Florida Democrats published a memo touting a 300,000 vote-by-mail enrollment edge. In 2016, Florida Democrats held a slim 8,800 edge in vote-by-mail.

Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo released the following statement:

“In an election that will be decided on the margins, the Florida Democratic Party is committed to making sure every single voter in Florida is able to vote safely and securely this November. Our team has been working tirelessly to organize thousands of volunteers to do the important work of enrolling their friends and neighbors into vote-by-mail.

We are thrilled by the incredible energy we are seeing on the ground, and today we are proud to announce that one million more Democrats have enrolled in vote-by-mail to elect Joe Biden this November!”

In order to drive up vote-by-mail enrollment, the coordinated campaign to elect Democrats in Florida has:

Made more than 3.8 million phone calls
Texted 4.1 million voters
Completed 19,404 volunteer shifts

In addition, Democrats continue to out-register Republicans, growing their voter registration edge by 15,000 voters over 2018.