Florida’s Supreme Court approved Amendment 4, which would restore full reproductive freedom to Florida’s women, to be on the November ballot.

Sadly, the Court also allowed the DeSantis six week abortion ban to go into effect next Wednesday, with no exceptions for rape or incest, banning abortion before most women even know they are pregnant and exposing healthcare providers to criminal prosecution
Make no mistake, if Amendment 4 fails, those who want to control women’s bodies will not stop in Florida or nationwide. They will move on to declaring embryos full persons, coming after IVF treatments, like in Alabama, and even restricting contraception. We must make sure that both in Florida and Washington D.C., those who want to turn back the clock and put government back in our bedrooms and doctors’ offices, fail.

It is now up to Florida’s voters to determine whether our state continues to keep women second class citizens, endangering their health and lives, or restores a woman’s right to choose. Polling shows that a strong bipartisan majority of Florida voters favor the goal of Amendment 4. But votes, not polls, decide results and passage will require a 60% vote in favor of Amendment 4. So, not only will it be necessary for all who support women’s reproductive freedom to get out and vote, it is also critical to get involved to contribute however we can to make sure that Amendment 4 passes.

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