One month ago, the state Supreme Court broke 40 years of precedent with a decision that Floridians have no right to medical privacy, thus triggering a six-week abortion ban passed by extremist politicians in Florida.

Abortion is now banned in Florida after six weeks, before many people even realize they’re pregnant. The only exceptions include if the pregnant person’s life is in jeopardy, if two physicians verify there is a fatal fetal abnormality, or if a person is seeking care due to rape, incest, or human trafficking, they can access an abortion up to 15 weeks but will be required to provide documentation.

Decisions around pregnancy are personal and unique; they should be left to the patient, their provider, family, faith, and anyone they choose to involve, NOT politicians. There are secure and confidential resources for people seeking information about all their abortion options at and People in all 50 states are finding information about self-managed abortion using pills by mail at

This November, Floridians have the opportunity to vote Yes on 4, a ballot amendment to limit government interference with abortion. This is our best path forward to restore access to patients and put power back in the hands of the people where it belongs, not with politicians.