Richard Leonard

Communication Committee

Democrats of Indian River



Words matter. Facts matter. And if we are the party of truth, the facts will serve us well in 2018.

Along those lines, I have to give a shout-out to a state-hosted website where researchers use a variety of resources to provide you with factual answers to wide-ranging questions. How refreshing is that, given the Republican proclivity for “Alternative Facts”? (Some might call them downright lies).

To access this service, click on the “Get Answers” tab on the official My Florida homepage, or go directly to:

Just complete a simple submission page with your location, email address and your question. Your name is not even required! And the librarian/researchers will do their best to find the answer(s).

I am currently researching a column for our website regarding the Children’s Health Insurance Fund, or CHIP. The Republican-controlled Congress let the program expire Sept. 30, so I wanted to know how many children in Indian River County receive health insurance through the program.

I completed the submission form Friday (12/08). I don’t know where my submission is in the que of questions, but response time in the past has been surprisingly fast. If the answer is there, they’ll find it.

You know, President Trump could use a few librarians in the White House. After all, at his Pensacola support-the-pedophile rally Friday, he pointed to a few blacks in the audience (“I love you!”) and proclaimed that home ownership among blacks had just reached record a high!!

Nope. The false claim was quickly corrected by the so-called “Fake News” media. Home ownership among blacks is about 42 percent right now. It was at 49 percent in 2004.”

Just ask a Librarian, Donald.