We wish we had better news. DeSantis is prioritizing an “Article V Convention” to propose new amendments to the United States constitution with no guidelines or rules for the convention.

This means that a group of unelected and unaccountable individuals could potentially rewrite our Constitution without any limitations. The lack of constraints raises concerns about the potential impact on our fundamental rights, including the right to peaceful protest, freedom of religion, and the right to privacy. Furthermore, there are no regulations preventing corporate influence on the convention’s outcome.

The House State Affairs Committee already passed two resolutions requesting an “Article V Convention” even after a Republican community leader testified against them.

Unfortunately, both resolutions have now passed out of the House and are now in the Senate. We must act to protect our U.S. Constitution and prevent extremists from bending our most important founding document to their advantage.

Take Action! Contact our State Senator Erin Grill and ask her to vote against HCR693 and HCR703.

Call her Tallahassee office number at (850) 487-5029. Share the following message.

“Hello, my name is ______ and I am a constituent calling from zip code _____ . I’m calling to today to urge my Senator to vote NO on HCR693 and HCR703.”