Last weekend, Indian River Democrats Bonnie Ollinger and Cecelia Lyons attended the Leadership Blue Conference held at the Disney Contemporary Resort in Orlando. The general session diverged notably from previous years, with representatives from all 48 caucuses in the State of Florida addressing their community engagement strategies to support Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other Democratic candidates for the November elections.

During the conference, two workshop panels were attended, one focusing on the National Gun Violence Prevention movement and the other on Youth Engagement. Notable speakers at the National Gun Violence Prevention movement panel included Rep. Maxwell Frost stressing the need for legislative change at the congressional level. Advocacy for lost lives remained a central theme.

The Youth Engagement workshop featured representatives from the Biden-Harris campaign, a high school delegate, and two university representatives, emphasizing the importance of engaging youth voters in reclaiming Florida. Their message underscored the critical role of young voters in securing victory.

Additionally, the gala provided a platform for 50 candidates running for seats in November, including Dan McDow, to showcase their campaigns. Senator John Fetterman delivered an impassioned keynote address, rallying attendees to continue working towards making Florida Blue again.