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Medicaid expansion would benefit Florida in many ways

I support expansion of the Medicaid program in Florida because it’s a win-win-win proposition.

We have the opportunity to change direction on health care, and in doing so substantially improve the lives of 800,000 Floridians.

Nearly 70 percent of Florida voters also support Medicaid expansion that would provide more coverage to the working poor and the most vulnerable among us.

Expansion would bring tens of billions in federal health care funds to the state, creating thousands of new jobs in the health-care industry.

More health-care employees would create more customers and more dollars flowing into local business and tax coffers.

Medicaid expansion also would improve the financial health of our hospitals, which would be paid for services.

Emergency rooms would become less crowded because more people would have access to doctors.

Earlier diagnosis and treatment mean better outcomes — and reduced costs, as well.

Finally, expansion of Medicaid would provide more support to our veterans. In fact, 340,000 veterans nationwide have received health-care coverage through Medicaid expansion.

Opposition to Medicaid expansion appears to come down to this: Federal funding would be reduced from 100 percent to 90 percent in a few years. This argument ignores the fact that benefits far outweigh the cost.

Our health-care system ranks 48th in the nation, according to the Commonwealth Fund’s 2018 Scorecard on State Health System Performance.

As your representative, I would fight to support the expansion of Medicaid in our state to improve that ranking and provide healthcare support to more Floridians.

Nicole Haagenson, Vero Beach, is the Democratic candidate for House District 54.


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