Haagenson would be unifying voice for District 54 in House

Treasure Coast NewspapersPublished 4:00 a.m. ET Oct. 26, 2018

As a father, husband, and physician in Vero Beach, I can say without doubt that Nicole Haagenson is the choice for Florida House District 54. Republican, unaffiliated, or Democrat, we all need her.

Government is broken at all levels. To spark positive change we must elect people that represent all of us.

Legislatures are packed with lawyers who are only a fraction of the population. What about the rest of us? Haagenson brings a varied life experience that government so desperately needs.

As an Air Force veteran, she lives one of the core principles of her campaign, “service before self.” This is not a sound byte. She is driven to serve all of us.

Her campaign is grassroots funded — by people like you and me — with no money from Political Action Committees.

No NRA funding means she can actually discuss gun violence and school shootings. Her opponent’s tone-deaf responses to gun violence and school shootings leave me cold as a father. It wasn’t always this way, and it doesn’t have to be.

As a physician I am ashamed that 100,000 people in our region have no meaningful access to health care. The sad reality is that many in our community work hard yet can’t get the healthcare they need.

Being unable to get medical care to stay healthy is a drag on all of us. It keeps people from working to their potential and from contributing fully to society.

Helping people lead healthier lives benefits all Floridians. Whether she works to expand Medicaid or seeks out other solutions to get people the health care they need, Haagenson will better Florida for all of us.

–David Dinan, Vero Beach