Star Parker’s column misrepresented both Christianity, American history

Treasure Coast Newspapers, Published 4:00 a.m. ET Nov. 9, 2019

Star Parker’s Oct. 25 column, “Speeches from Pompeo and Barr will define next election,” attempted to rewrite American history and Christianity in a simplified and mis-representative presentation of both. She uses that flimsy platform, paralleling right-wing evangelical Republicanism, to present Donald Trump as rebuilding the United States as a Christian “free nation under God.”

There is no question that George Washington held to the belief that this must be a self-governing nation guided through moral virtue. Washington also, joined by many fellow founders (e.g., Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin), abundantly cautioned against religion interjecting itself into our government. There were some founders who balked at that “separation of church and state” and chose not to sign the 1787 Constitution; 39 others did so, thereby founding our republic.

Very simply, they believed moral virtue and any religious belief are separate entities, the latter to be scrupulously excluded from their and our government.

Moral virtue and Judeo-Christianity, especially the Protestantism I came to know as a young man and know today, does not condone putting children of any skin color or ethnic origin in cages. It does not condone 0.1 percenters hoarding wealth while their national and world neighbors are going hungry and are without shelter. In short, the Jesus I know of would “tear down the wall,” imploring that we share our healthy share of God’s wealth with all the lesser fortunate of the world.

He also would have condemned leaders who bear false witness, commit adultery and, as a businessman, steal. He would “tear down the Trump idol before us.”

A bold Sharpie line separates well-thought-out opinion from a conduit for right-wing evangelical Republicanism propaganda. TCPalm invited a guest who presented the latter. Respectful guests maintain their decorum.

Robert Hogner, Vero Beach