Fried Responds to Unclear and Negative Republican Messages

As Florida’s 2021 legislative session begins and the governor gives his State of the State address, Nikki Fried, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner and only statewide elected Democrat, is speaking directly to Floridians, responding to mixed messages coming from the Sunshine State’s Republican leaders.

Watch the video here.

In the video, Commissioner Fried sends a message of hope, reminding the public that the only way we can revitalize our economy is by putting public health first and protecting ourselves from COVID-19 by masking up and getting vaccinated.


I know you’re getting mixed messages from our governor, but we still need to stay masked and get the vaccines as soon as you’re eligible. 

Not just for our health, but to get our economy going again. Without jobs, good wages, and safe workplaces — we all suffer.

Listen, I’m a capitalist. Let me say that again — yo soy capitalista. 

The fastest and only way to get Florida back on track — is to finish this virus off through masking up and equitable vaccine distribution. 

That’s why it’s been so frustrating to watch our governor impede the rush of vaccines through partisan pop-up sites for donors, maskless political rallies, and hiding health data from the public. 

Our economy’s health, literally our jobs and livelihood, is entirely dependent on our health. So, please, keep masking up. Get vaccinated. And together, we’ll build an economy that works for everyone.