Celebrating National Public Service Recognition Week

May 3 marks the start of National Public Service Recognition Week honoring local, state, and federal public servants for the invaluable work they perform daily.

Civil servants, among other things, keep our public transportation systems and roadways safe; ensure medicines are objectively evaluated and researched for public safety and effectiveness; protect the nation’s water supply; care for the environment; alert the public to life-threatening storms; and respond to emergencies when lives are in danger.  Traveling abroad, our military members and diplomats protect Americans lives and interests, sometimes with the sacrifice of their own.

Every day, in so many ways, civil servants’ important work goes unrecognized as normal business.  In this unprecedented pandemic, however, we are relying on our best and brightest to tackle the difficult issues at hand. Our mayors, commissioners and governors, policemen and sheriffs, healthcare officials and health care workers, sanitation workers and maintenance crews, park and recreation staffs, and EMTs and firefighters are working for our safety and economic recovery.  We celebrate their flexibility, innovativeness, and integrity while working for the American people.

The Democrats of Indian River salute our public sector workers today and every day and thank them for their ongoing labor on behalf of their fellow citizens.