Angry people are not persuasive advocates for their cause

As I participate in Indian River County events (parades and festivals) representing the Democratic Party of Indian River, I am confronted by some very angry people. They will often approach our booth with messages on their apparel that they think we should know about.

They often do not think we can read, so they shout out the message. In many cases these messages include verbal profanity or profane hand gestures.

I will not say what political party they might be with, but they are obviously not Democrats. This display of anger is very upsetting. They have no interest in anything other than disrupting our freedom and creating a scene just to make total fools of themselves.

Our fear is, of course, that they may be armed and may resort to more aggressive behavior other than just hollering obscenities. Why they feel that their cause or political view is better expressed by approaching us and aggressively threatening us by their actions is something that must be addressed by their fellow believers.

We cannot continue to bully everyone who does not agree with us. The promotion of autocracy by a showing of autocratic behavior is not the answer to a vibrant and growing democracy that should include everyone.

Larry G. Zick, Vero Beach