Let your voice be heard, state rep says

“Speak up and speak out.” Your legislators are there to represent you, so let them know how you feel about issues. That was the advice of state Rep. Delores Hogan-Johnson (D-Fort Pierce).

Hogan-Johnson addressed members of the Democratic Women’s Club at their June meeting at the Pointe West clubhouse.

         “This is our land. This is our state. We have to look out for it,” the Fort Pierce native said.

Hogan-Johnson is an educator, environmentalist and healthcare advocate. She retired in December 2017 after 33 years in the St. Lucie County public school system. She also has served as director of social services at the Fort Pierce Housing Authority and as an affirmative action officer for the city of Fort Pierce.

It was a busy 2019 legislative session with more than 3,000 bills being introduced, she said.  It was also a challenge, the freshman representative stated. “What I witnessed was the disdain that so many members have for local rule.” That showed a lack of honor and respect for the people who sent them there, Hogan-Johnson said.

As a lifelong Democrat, Hogan-Johnson told the group that our priorities should be the environment, education, and healthcare.

During the recent session, several environmental bills were passed in the state House, she said. Some of those died in the Senate, however.

On education, Hogan-Johnson said private and charter schools have their place, but they can’t educate the masses. Public education doesn’t get the funding from the state that it needs, she added. “An educated nation is a healthy nation is a powerful nation.”

Hogan-Johnson also touched on several other legislative issues, including the treatment of incarcerated women, technical training centers, veterans’ bills, Amendment 4, and mental health.

Urging club members and guests to contact their representatives, she told them to be concise, relevant and honest but make their voices heard. “Speak out and speak up because someone will hear you.”