Black Lives Matter

As protesters peacefully assembled near Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Park to decry police killings of people of color, Donald Trump proclaimed to the nation that he was “your president of law and order.” He threatened to use America’s military if the violence sweeping the nation was not extinguished.

While Trump declared himself an ally to all peaceful protesters, his minions waylaid those very same protesters. With tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bangs, officers in riot gear cleared a path to St. John’s Episcopal Church simply to create a “photo op” for the president. It was an ambush, just as Trump has attempted to ambush our nation’s democracy.

In contrast, that same day, Joe Biden met with community leaders at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilmington, Del. He listened to their complaints and joined them in prayer. He knelt in respect to those whose lives have been lost. Trump, on the other hand, waved a generic Bible.

If Americans truly wish to squelch the turmoil affecting our nation, we must vote in November to oust this president and his enablers. Then we must work to build a nation of equity for all.