The Democrats of Indian River Demand Our Legislators Be Held Accountable

The Democrats of Indian River were among the many, many Indian River County citizens who marched today in the rally for sensible gun safety at the courthouse in Vero Beach. Sensible gun safety should not be a partisan issue, however. It is a moral issue that affects us all — the slaughtering of our innocent children, teachers, and neighbors.

It is our lawmakers that have made common sense gun control a partisan issue by taking money from the gun lobby that advocates against sensible restrictions on gun availability.

The time is now to vote out legislators who get an A or A+ rating from the NRA. In Indian River County and the State of Florida, this means Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott, Congressman Bill Posey, Senator Debbie Mayfield, and Representative Erin Grall must go.

Listen to your constituents, lawmakers!!! Protect our children, not the NRA!!!

The Democrats of Indian River believe these government officials should be voted out of office in November if we are to see real policy changes in Washington and Tallahassee.

#turnIRCblue #flipFloridablue #voteOUThate

Join us.  Be part of the solution.