Local Democrats in Washington, DC for National Women’s March

A delegation of members of the Democrats of Indian River flew to Washington, D.C. to march in the 2019 National Women’s March. They braved bitter, cold and wet weather, as well as the federal government shutdown to let their voices be heard.  In addition, other members opted to march in Orlando and Melbourne. Our colleagues bore witness to what democracy looks like today.

The 300-planned events around the country were partly a celebration of what has been achieved since the first march in 2017. An unprecedented number of women have been elected to Congress, many with the help of women who became politically active for the first time after the first march. Others have filled the halls of state legislatures, governor’s mansions, county commission chambers, and city halls. In addition, Nancy Pelosi is once again Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Susan Peterson Mock, Membership Director for the Democratic Executive Committee organized the local delegation’s trip.  It clearly was an act of love as she inspired so many members to participate.

We thank all our marchers for representing the Democrats of Indian River. You are part of the solution.