FDP Chair slams DeSantis for signing unconstitutional de-platforming bill while stripping Floridians of unemployment

FLORIDA — This morning Governor Ron DeSantis signed an unconstitutional bill that aims to strip private businesses like Twitter and Facebook from deciding what is acceptable on their own platforms. This bill is a reaction to Facebook and Twitter banning Donald Trump after he incited an insurrection at our Capitol via their platforms. It is a political stunt that does absolutely nothing to actually help Floridians.
This bill signing was happening at the same time as DeSantis’ administration was announcing that they would be revoking the expanded federal unemployment benefits for struggling Floridians, effectively cutting unemployment benefits in half. They did this even though the Florida state unemployment system is still completely broken, and there are still millions of Floridians who are unemployed.
In response, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement.
“Not only did Ron DeSantis spend his morning signing a completely unconstitutional bill that aims to prevent private businesses from deciding what can be posted on their platforms, but he also cancelled expanded unemployment benefits from the federal government. Our governor managed to hurt both private businesses and struggling Floridians all before noon today. These actions are part of a bigger trend in Ron DeSantis’ leadership. He is focused on political games that will score him national points even if they are unconstitutional, all while he is ignoring or even actively hurting struggling Floridians. It is clear that the only person Ron DeSantis cares about is himself.”