What they’re saying: Reactions to Ron DeSantis stripping Floridians of expanded unemployment

FLORIDA— On Monday, Governor Ron DeSantis stripped Floridians of the expanded unemployment benefits from the federal government two months before those benefits were scheduled to end. DeSantis said the reason that he was removing the benefits was to encourage people to go back to work. But as the Sun Sentinel and others have found, expanded unemployment benefits are not what is preventing people from returning to work, it is poor wages and working conditions and lack of childcare, or their industry not being back up and running yet. Apparently, Ron DeSantis isn’t interested in what is actually happening with workers, he just thinks Floridians are lazy.

“These expanded unemployment benefits have been a lifeline for so many. They are the difference between being able to put food on the table and not, being able to buy diapers and not,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Marcus Dixon. “Weak leaders like Gov. DeSantis find pleasure in preying on the vulnerable. It’s despicable.”

Many Florida leaders and everyday Floridians are outraged and devastated by Ron DeSantis’ cruel and unnecessary decision. Here is what they are saying.

One user on Reddit, noted just how devastating this is to him personally.

Congressman Charlie Crist noted that the move was “heartless leadership by Gov. Ron DeSantis, who seems more interested in scoring partisan points than taking care of Floridians. Cutting unemployment benefits, just as our state and nation are getting out of a historic crisis, is the height of irresponsibility and will slow our economic recovery.”