Vote by Mail and Early Voting Making Me Cautiously Optimistic….

There is much news about voting this week that has lifted my spirits, but also makes me cautious about being too confident.  Some 15 million Americans around the country have already voted in the election, either through the mail or in early voting.  That puts us on a path to having the majority of votes cast before Election Day for the first time  in U.S. history.

Right now, this wave of early votes is being attributed mostly to enthusiastic Democrats, who are currently outvoting Republicans 2-1.  Here in Florida, the pattern is the same.  Some 2 million votes have been cast and Democrats were leading Republican mail voters by  400,000 ballots as of this past Thursday.

Early voting is set to open this week.  And one of the most positive results of this massive early voting is the possibility of averting any Trump shenanigans on or just after Election Day because election officials here in Florida and some other battleground states count mail votes before election day.  Lots of good news, but it’s scary; like having a big lead in the first half when we know Republicans are a good second half team.

We need to keep the pressure on with mail voting, early voting and a huge turnout on Election Day.  We can do this!  We can change the political culture at the federal, state and local level if every registered Democrat casts a vote.

As for me,  I am looking forward to representing you in the Florida legislature.