Grumpy Me, Cautiously Optimistic

I’m actually not so grumpy today and I’m feeling good about the progress we have made so far.  In Florida and all across the country, enthusiasm from Democrats is running high with huge turnouts in many battleground states. We continue to see record-breaking donations to the Biden/Harris Campaign. More than  2.4 million Democrats have voted in-person or by mail in the Florida general election so far, compared to 2 million Republicans.  Here in Indian River County, more than half of registered Democrats have voted.

We must keep the pressure on – we need 100 percent participation by registered Democrats in our county.  If you have a vote by mail ballot out, get it in now, preferably by taking it in person to  the Supervisor of Elections office.  If you can vote early, do so. You have until October 31st, but do it today. Let’s stockpile these votes and beat the crush of Republican voters expected on Election Day.

And, please, vote for me, Albert Griffiths, to represent you in the Florida Legislature.  Let’s make it a Blue Tsunami!