Republicans Mansplaining Their Lies Makes Me Grumpy

My eyes are crossed from all the batshit statements coming out of the Republican camp this week and that makes me grumpy!

In what can only be explained by a steroid-fueled brain explosion, President Trump shared with Sean Hannity on Friday that the Biden Environmental Plan, that he mixed up with the New Green Deal, included tearing down buildings and replacing them with building with tiny windows, “I mean, they literally want to take buildings down and rebuild them with tiny little windows. OK, little windows so you can’t see out, can’t see the light.”

Then he moved on to say electing Biden as President would turn the United States into a “ninth-world” country—not even a third world country.  Then he said California will need to ration water because they pump millions of gallons of water into the Pacific to “take care of certain little, tiny fish.

Little, tiny windows and little, tiny fish?  Say what? And, none of it is real…

Speaking of not real, on Saturday, Trump—for the 23rd time—said the corona virus is “disappearing.”  “It’s going to disappear, it is disappearing,” Trump said to hundreds of supporters of the black conservative “Blexit” movement.

The comment comes after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported more than 58,000 new cases of the virus on Friday, the highest single-day count since August, with 926 new deaths.

And, as for Florida that has seen a steady rise in cases,  the state did not even report on cases at all on Saturday.  What is that about?

Coronavirus is not disappearing, folks.  In fact, it’s getting more and more dangerous again as we head into flu season.

Then there’s Lindsay Graham mansplaining that Blacks in South Carolina can “go anywhere, as long as they are conservative.”  Can you tell me how you can differentiate a person as liberal or conservative just by looking at them?

I support Jimmy Williams rebuke of Graham’s remarks on Twitter as “racism on live tv in 2020.”

“White people don’t get to tell black people how to think or vote anymore,” he tweeted. “Your 19th century plantation mentality isn’t welcome in South Carolina.”

Frankly, it’s not welcome anywhere in the United States.  Did I tell you my opponent works at Tara Plantation?

Finally, have you noticed that all of a sudden, Republican candidates are filling the airwaves with ads supporting pre-existing conditions—which is already the law of the lands in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)!  I guess it might be comforting to hear except all of these Senators have voted to take away pre-existing conditions in the ACA—in fact, to repeal the law all together!

So, I’m grumpy because of the delusional and false statements made by the President and the racist statements and lies coming from GOP Senators.

My friends, Covid-19 is not disappearing but is on the rise.  The USA will once again be a first world country under Joe Biden after Donald Trump’s systematic destruction of our government, our public healthcare system and our environment, not a “ninth world country.”  Racist ideas and comments continue to be spewed at the highest levels of our government and the Republican Party really does want to take away pre-existing conditions and your health care.

This is probably enough to make you grumpy, too.