Marco Rubio Backs Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Legislation


In a new interview , Marco Rubio came out in favor of Florida Republicans’ “don’t say gay” bill, which would likely ban Florida teachers from discussing topics related to sexual orientation or gender identity in the classroom. The legislation has drawn widespread condemnation from LGBTQ+ rights organizations and leaders, who have noted that it could even prevent teaching about the Pulse Nightclub shooting.


“This legislation is designed to stigmatize students who are already more likely to be bullied and targeted at school because of who they are, and Marco Rubio’s support of it is another sign that he’s too weak to stand up for vulnerable Floridians who need support. Florida parents and teachers should be able to do what’s best for their kids without self-serving politicians like Marco Rubio projecting hate and trying to silence classroom discussions,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox.


This isn’t the first time Marco Rubio has backed a bill that threatens the equal rights of all Floridians. He previously called allowing LGBTQ+ parents to adopt a “social experiment,” gave a speech on his opposition to gay marriage in Orlando two months after the Pulse shooting, and voted against legislation in the Senate to ban employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.