DEC Chair Congratulates the Democratic Club of Indian River on the The Blue Ball: 2020 Vision

Tonight, I would like to Congratulate the Democratic Club of Indian River for this amazing first, major fundraiser:  The Blue Ball: 2020 Vision.  Thank you to Claudia Martino, Diane Osiecki and Susan Mock for providing us with this celebratory evening of fellowship and fun.  I also want to recognize and thank Patty Farley, the President of the Florida Democratic Women’s Club, for joining us this evening.  And, also, Alex Berrios, our FDP Regional Engagement Director.

And, I really want to celebrate each of you in this room tonight—a room full of Democratic activists who believe it is our civic duty to participate in our Democracy.  You understand that 2020 is the election of your lifetime and you embrace the 2020 Vision of doing the heavy lifting to elect a Democrat into the White House next year.

And, do it, we must — and you are!  I want you to raise your hand—and look around the room– if the statements I am about to read refer to you:

  1. You are a current or former DEC Chair or Vice Chair.
  2. You are a precinct captain — or have been a precinct captain
  3. You have run for public office
  4. You have registered anyone to vote
  5. You have signed someone up to Vote by Mail
  6. You have canvassed or phone banked.
  7. You were a poll watcher.
  8. You convened at the SOE to count votes
  9. You are an officer of the DEC
  10. You are an officer/board member of the Democratic Club
  11. You are an officer of the DWC
  12. You are an officer of the FYDIR
  13. You chair a committee or taskforce of the DEC, including the Blue Gala
  14. You chair a committee or taskforce of the Democratic Club, including the Blue Ball
  15. You chair a committee or taskforce of the DWC
  16. You chair a committee or taskforce of the FYD
  17. You are a member of the DEC, DWC, Democratic Club, or FYD
  18. You helped craft the Democrats of IRC messaging.
  19. You participated in our annual strategic planning.
  20. You attended the FDP State Convention
  21. You attended the Florida Democratic Women’s Club State Convention
  22. You interned for the Democrats of Indian River
  23. You volunteered in our Democratic Headquarters
  24. You have written a letter to the editor to express Democratic Values
  25. You have written a resolution to express Democratic values
  26. You have designed art work for Democratic literature/events
  27. You have photographed or videotaped Democratic events
  28. You have manned our booth at community events
  29. You have participated on one of the DIR Facebook pages

Wow!  This is an impressive group of people.  Let’s give ourselves a rousing round of applause for our activism and 2020 vision!

Finally, we are so pleased to have Kimberly Diaz Scott with us tonight, another proud Democratic activist.  I want to thank the Osiecki’s for inviting her.

As Chair of the IRC DEC, however, I need to remind everyone that having Kimberly here is not an endorsement by the Democrats of Indian River of the Elizabeth Warren for President Campaign.  By our Florida Democratic Party rules, we cannot endorse candidates until after our primary election in August 2020.

And, with that disclaimer, a warm welcome to Kimberly Diaz Scott, the first Presidential Campaign Director in Florida, who President Martino will introduce.