Nall understands how Vero should manage its budget, listen to residents

Why am I voting for Jeffrey Nall? I am a fourth-generation Vero Beach resident and have lived in the city for more than 20 years with my husband and two sons. Growing up, I have many fond memories of the Recreation Department and our local parks. I took ballet and gymnastics at the Heritage Center, my mom played tennis at Pocahontas, and my dad played softball for years on the now-sadly empty fields across from Vero Beach High School.

Our family is extremely disappointed with the outgoing city council members. Their behavior was appalling and an embarrassment to our beautiful city. We need candidates who respect citizens’ concerns and are pragmatic, rather than ideological, when it comes to solving problems.

As a daughter of two hard-working parents, I know the struggles of many of the families in Vero Beach. All our citizens should be able to visit the beach, swim at Leisure Square and play tennis and other sports without having to spend a small fortune. But so long as we keep electing local government officials who are explicitly anti-government, these programs and services that help local families will continue to be threatened.

That’s why I wholeheartedly support Jeffrey Nall for city council. He’s a working father with an in-depth understanding of how government should manage a budget, represent everyone, and listen to their constituents.

Kristy Polackwich, Vero Beach