Press Release:

Florida Representative Brian Mast Jokes about Rape

Comments by South Florida Representative Brian Mast on social media in which he jokes about rape and having sex with 15 year old girls have been brought to the forefront recently by several sources including The Hill, Sun Sentinel, and Florida Politics. Such comments are disgusting, disrespectful and certainly not a joking matter. Insolent comments on the topic of sexual violence are completely unacceptable.


These messages were posted several years ago, and excuses have been made that Mast was heavily medicated on drugs then, but now has seen the light and wants to set a better example for his own children. However Mast voted against the Violence Against Women Act, which is aimed at preventing domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking, and funds shelters, community programs and studies tracking violence against women.


Mast does not appear to have seen any light on this subject. Mast should resign his Congressional seat. If he does not, the citizens should refuse to allow such an individual to represent them in the halls of the US Congress.


The Democratic Women’s Club of Florida‘s Platform strongly supports the passage and strengthening of the Violence Against Women Act.


Mast currently represents Congressional District 18 which includes St. Lucie County, Martin County, and parts of Palm Beach County.


Patty Farley, President

Democratic Women’s Club of Florida