Don’t Mess with My Post Office

I’m grumpy today because with all the things we have to worry about – a pandemic, a busted economy and a president who seems to be out of his mind – now we have to worry about the post office.  For weeks now reports have been circulating that Trump’s new pick for postmaster, Louis DeJoy, has been slowing down the delivery of mail,  resulting in empty mailboxes, uncounted ballots, late medication, missed rent payments and a general gumming up the works for all Americans.  Voters have sued Trump and DeJoy and now the postmaster has been hauled up before Congress.  After getting caught with his hand in the mailbox, DeJoy  says he wasn’t doing anything wrong, and he promises to stop doing these things until after the election.  Comforting.  Not!  This really comes down to the fact that most of us mistrust the president, especially when he comes right out and says he would reject additional funding for the USPS because he doesn’t want to expand voting by mail.

All of which leaves us in our usual state of confusion and chaos, which is just great for Trump and the Republicans who want to question the legitimacy of the upcoming elections.  What’s important is that we all have a plan to get beyond the obstacles they are likely to throw in our way – a plan to vote and have our vote counted.   If you are not registered to vote, do so now (you must be registered by October 5).   If you are voting by mail, request your ballot now

(you must make your request by September 19). When you get your vote by mail ballot (also known as an absentee ballot), vote right away.  You can return your ballot by dropping it in the mail (don’t forget to affix a first class stamp), or drop it in the secure drop boxes at the Supervisor of Elections’ (SOE) office and the three early voting sites. Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on November 3.   You can check to see when your ballot has been received on the SOE website or by calling them at 772.226.3440.  Finally, you can  always vote in person at the polls during early voting (October 24-31) or on election day.

Oh, yes, and vote for me.  We need a change from this constant chaos and I promise to provide that change.