The Democrats of Indian River Continue to Speak Out Against Assault Weapons and For Gun Reform

The Democrats of Indian River – the Democratic Executive Committee, the Democratic Women’s Club, and the Florida Young Democrats – marched on March 24 at official March for Our Lives events throughout the State.  They joined in the “sibling” marches to the Washington, D.C. rally which were held held in over 800 cities throughout the nation and world.

The issue of gun reform is an issue that resonates deeply with the Democratic members of the three Indian River County organizations.  They have been working on getting out their views since the Orlando Pulse shooting in 2016.

More recently, the Democratic Executive Committee passed a resolution for common sense gun control in October 2017.  In November 2017, the President of the Democratic Women’s Club testified before Florida Representative Erin Grall and Senator Debbie Mayfield presenting the State Resolutions on Sensible Gun Control.

Up until the Parkland shooting, the majority Republican Legislature turned a deaf ear to the demands of Florida’s citizens who want a ban on assault weapons, bumpstocks,  and high-capacity bullet clips that can hold more than 10 bullets at a time.  The Democrats of Indian River join the 62 percent of Florida voters surveyed by Quinnipiac in February 2018 who said they favored a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons.  Further, requiring background checks for all gun buyers is supported by 96 percent of Florida voters. A mandatory waiting period on all gun purchases has support of 87 percent. And 89 percent want to allow police or family members to ask a judge to remove guns from someone who might be at risk of violent behavior.

Now is the time for change to our gun laws by voting out current lawmakers who are not representing the people who put them in office.  Register to vote, if you have not done so.  Register to Vote By Mail, if you are registered.

You can make a difference.

Join us.  Be part of the solution.