Vero Beach Vision Plan

In 2004, the City of Vero Beach undertook a lengthy visioning process to develop a city-wide vision plan. According to the planning process documents, a “vision plan” broadly engages the public and seeks a community consensus for the future direction of the City. Here is a copy of The Complete Vero Beach Vision Plan In One Downloadable Document

Last month, Mayor Moss with the City Council re-opened the visioning process to community input in order to assess how the city is doing on meeting its vision and following through on it’s named priorities.  So far, two city council meetings have been devoted to the Visioning Process and more are to follow.

Mayor Moss and the City Council are working from the 2004 vision statement that they believe is still relevant today:

In many ways the community desires to be what it always has been and remains today, but with all the advantages and conveniences of the future.

Envision a place where the best of “old Florida” is nurtured. A place that is filled with community pride, but not boastful or arrogant. That pride is reflected in well-kept private property and public land. That pride is embodied in the manner in which people treat one another and work together to address problems and issues. That pride embraces a respect for the natural environment and the unique history of the community.

Envision a place that is different from any other place in Florida. A place where spring training is a family event. A place that is made up of a variety of neighborhoods. A place that you can “fall in love” with on your first visit and, ultimately, make it your home. A place where the expectations and standards for quality and excellence are clearly stated in public policies, private actions, and community decisions.

Envision a community that values its location. A community where tree canopies are preserved and enhanced. A community that uses but does not exploit its natural beauty or geographic location. A community that both recreates in and respects sensitive environmental areas. A community that does not succumb to trends, but establishes it own image based on its vision for the future.

“Vero Beach… the crown jewel of the Treasure Coast.”

In order to carry out the vision, twelve priority areas have been established for work in the community, several of which were in the original plan.  The 12 areas are: the historic downtown, Royal Palm Pointe, Miracle Mile/U.S. 1, Ocean/Cardinal Drives, Beachland Boulevard, Osceola Park, Original Town, Dodgertown Golf Course, the Cultural Arts Village, the Power Plant/Postal Annex, the Indian River Lagoon, and the Airport Commercial Village.

As part of the original Visioning Process, there was a citizen survey of what works in Vero Beach.  The results can be found below.

  • Vero Beach is a great place to raise a family
  • There are a variety of cultural and social opportunities in Vero Beach
  • There are sufficient entertainment opportunities in and/or convenient to Vero Beach
  • I enjoy a high quality of life in Vero Beach
  • Vero Beach is unique compared to other Florida coastal communities
  • It is important to preserve and enhance the existing character of Vero Beach in the future

Additionally, the results of the survey pointed to two key contributors to the quality of life in Vero Beach- small town character and the natural environment. Most importantly, working for working class families and protecting our environment are two key issues that the Democrats of Indian River County are working on today.

All citizens of Vero Beach should seek to engage and provide comments to the city council at these open meetings.  The city council is looking for guidance on which priorities to tackle.  As Laurence Reisman recently wrote in the TCPalm, “ One thing is clear: Failing to focus on priorities will lead to paralysis by analysis, the problem that led to condo creep on Royal Palm Pointe and the threat of condominiums on a golf course bought for preservation.  It’s time for the council to get organized.”

It is time for all of us to get organized on behalf of our beloved community.  The Democrats of Indian River are attending the City Council’s Visioning Meetings.  We are looking for ways to support all our seniors and working families.  Continue to follow the City Council’s work on the Vision Plan by visiting