Florida Democratic Party Statement on Earth Day

Miami, Fla —  In celebration of Earth Day and the beautiful Florida environment, Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz released the following statement:
“As we celebrate the 51st annual Earth Day, we must also commit to preserving our beautiful Florida environment and fighting the climate crisis.  For us, climate change means more and stronger hurricanes, rising sea levels, a threatened water supply, and a threat to one of the most fragile eco-systems in the world, our Everglades. This pattern can not continue. That is why we need strong Democratic leaders, from President Joe Biden who has brought science back to the White House and is building a green energy economy, to local leaders like Miami-Dade school board member Luisa Santos who has pushed the school district to commit to 100% clean energy in the district by 2030, that are committed to fighting the climate crisis with the fierce urgency it requires. We owe it to feature generations to leave them a Florida and a world that is just as beautiful and inhabitable as the one we found.”