DWCF Press Release:  Trial of Derek Chauvin

The Guilty-Guilty- Guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin Trial represents a step forward and gives us reason to hope that our society is moving to a more just tomorrow and closer to equal justice for all.
This trial represents accountability more than justice. An excessive amount of over-proof was offered to the jury along with a video of Chauvin’s guilt and yet the world waited ten hours to see if the verdict would be as was obvious it should be.
The murder of George Floyd and the Chauvin Trial has forced all to acknowledge the painful truth that widespread systemic racism still exists in America and is unacceptable. Our society must undergo a transformation to get to the point where people of color are not treated differently. This accountability brings forth hope, but it is only the beginning on the road to true justice.
Patty Farley, President
Democratic Women’s Club of Florida