Do Not Suppress Citizen’s Voices to Place an Assault Weapons Ban on the Ballot in 2020

Sign the petition: urge Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody and Governor Ron DeSantis to stop their pursuit to deny voters a chance to vote on an assault weapons ban in Florida.

On July 26, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody took legal action to end the grassroots movement to allow voters to place an assault weapons ban on the ballot in 2020. She’s doing the bidding of the NRA by making sure the majority of Americans are silenced in their demand for an assault-rifle ban.

In light of another deadly weekend in America, it is even more urgent that voters in Florida have an opportunity to decide if they want to take weapons of mass destruction off of our streets.

And in Florida, we know all too well the devastation a mass shooting has on a community.

Join us in calling on Attorney General Ashley Moody and Governor DeSantis to let us vote on an assault weapons ban!

We’ve joined with members of Congress in Florida to raise our voices against this egregious removal of rights together.

Thank you,

Florida Democratic Party