by Caitlin Ollinger

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the Port St. Lucie Pride Festival with the Young Democrats of Indian River County. As the Young Democrats, we strongly prioritize tackling the issues that threaten the LBGTQ community during this momentous time. Sunday’s event was the perfect platform to reach out to the local community.

The rainbow colored temporary tattoos with our group’s logo we are huge hit! The tattoos provided a way to break down some of the barriers that often inhibit interpersonal communication. It felt like a kind, loving gesture that allowed both everyone to open up.

There was lots of interest in our booth. Many people expressed the desire to become more politically involved. I feel that the welcoming attitude we received reflects the deficit of opportunities that young people in our community have to make their voices heard. The experience brought home the utter necessity our of newly formed group. People from many walks of life are looking to stand in solidarity and to have their voices heard.